Fines de Claires Oysters Marennes Oleron

 Selected for Hallvard Leroy Norway

  During 2 at 4 weeks, oysters stay in Claires in Marennes Oleron Basin.

  It 's Refined.

  Salty flavour mix with a light taste of land.

- Traditional Oyster, customer appreciate it by its light and fine flavour...

 - Guarantee 12 days

- keep between 3 and 10°C temperature


How to open oysters easily ? 


Place the oyster in your left hand with the flat surface facing up and  the beak pointing towards you, and hold the knife with your thumb about one centimetre from the point






 Insert the point of the knife and pivot 2/3 of the way along the oyster. this is where the muscle is located.





Push the knife in and use a sawing motion to cut through the muscle








Pull the knife towards you and pivot it with a lever movement to open the oysters