Our Company

Since 1936, fours generartions of oysters-farmers are succeeded
 in the Marennes Oleron Basin.

Today, between the sky and the sea, in the left ride of the river " La Seudre " our factory ( CEE normes ) is localised in the middle of salt pans for " L'affinage " of Oysters.

More 300 000 m² of beds of sea and 160 000 m² of  " Claires " ( salt pan) for breeding 15 to 20 millions of oysters in differents age.

every years, we sell  9 to 10 millions of oysters all around the world.
For 30 years, export  is more and more important for us.

Importeurs, whosesales, shopkeepers, we guarantee you oysters of quality for your customers all the year .

The Team : 
Philippe FAVIER 

- vice president of SRC Marennes Oleron
- member of   " Groupement Qualité Huîtres Marennes Oleron  "
- member of  " Association A PRO MARAIS ( protection of salt pan ) 

Energetic and innovative, he manage a team about 10 personns.