Fron the birth to the "Affinage", this is stages keys of the oyster life

" Captage " of Seeds

Every year on the River "La Seudre" we put collectors ( les coupelles ) .

on the begining of Summer, with favourable climatic conditions and saltiness of seawater, adult oyster produce 1 to 2 million eggs.
But only ten of them survive the various peril and find a collector where it can develop.

In the next Spring, oyster-farmer collect the seeds.
Seeds is put in pocket placed on iron tables in beds in the sea.

Half breeding and breeding.
half breeding  oyster is 18 month to 24 month.
During this time, the young oyster must be protected in its pockets. star fish and armour piercing winkles must be keep away.
Oyster -farmer must turn oysters pockets in the beds in sea to assure an optimal development of oysters
breedind : oyster is more 24 month.

Quality of oysters depending of the bed in sea.
Oyster filter it food ( phyto plankton ) : more food = more flesh .

Washing oysters pockets


Sorting by weight, eliminate shells, clutching ... before the " Affinage "